How To Choose The Right Racking System For A Warehouse?

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August 28, 2021
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What Is Warehouse Racking?

Racks are an essential part of warehouses that support goods, and keeps warehouses organized. With the right warehouse racking system, you will maximize your available space and streamline warehouse operations. In addition to increasing space utilization, it can also improve picking operations without hindrance.

Despite its simplicity, racking offers better solutions. Plan your rack system by considering your storage materials, fire code requirements, and seismic zone. Manufacturers of slotted angle racks Chennai ( share insights on the best tips for choosing the right racking for your warehouse. Find out more.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing Warehouse Racking?

Pallet racking is important for your distribution centre or warehouse because it impacts productivity and efficiency. Using racking to store your inventory is a good solution for a store fulfilment operation, an e-commerce site, or a direct-to-consumer business. Warehouse racking layout is essential to an efficient warehouse design. The final racking design can be influenced by factors such as weight and size. The baseplate size and thickness can increase the point load rating.

When deciding on warehouse racking, several factors must be considered, including the type of racking, warehouse type, and product storage type. Racking systems are available in many configurations, depending on your warehousing requirements. To get started, consider these thirteen recommendations.

Rubber sheets arranged in the racks in warehouse

  • Standard pallet racking allows forklifts to have direct access to all of your pallets at any time of the day.
  • Narrow aisle pallet racking systems are used in warehouses with limited storage floor space and allow for quick order picking and easy access to each pallet.
  • Double deep pallet racking is a common storage solution but requires forklifts with specialized attachments.
  • Mobile pallet racking is a dynamic storage solution that requires less space than conventional pallet racking. Mobile racking systems can almost double your storage capacity and can be used to store almost any warehouse item.
  • Drive-in pallet racking is an excellent choice when storing large quantities of identical goods with a low rotation rate. Forklifts need to be able to access shelving systems that can accommodate a wider range of goods. Drive-in racking systems allow you to store products at the highest possible density and utilize 65 per cent of the available floor space.
  • Pallet racking with drive-through access is well suited for high rotation stock, but space savings are less than drive-in shelving.
  • Pallet flow racking is a type of live pallet racking that uses a combination load guide/end stop unit to prevent damage to the rear pallet. Pallets are transported along with a slightly inclined rail system and are stored by pushing the pallets that came before them further back into the racking. Pallet Flow/Live Racking Systems maximize storage capacity and are especially useful for products with expiration dates that must be kept fresh.
  • Crane racking is a fully automated storage system that is particularly well suited for storing pallets and other large objects.
  • Multi-tier pallet racking allows you to create different levels in your warehouse and varying heights for floors and aisles.
  • The selective racking system is the most popular for standard storage because of its low cost of construction wide variety of sizes and accessories available.
  • Double-Deep Racking System: This system offers a significant increase in density but is more time-consuming.
  • Push back pallet racking system provides more pallet storage while maintaining better selectivity due to different lanes for each SKU.
  • Narrow aisle racking systems are used to store high-density items. The system is designed better to use the available floor space and roof space.

According to the slotted angle racks manufacturers in Delhi, it is important to consider all immovable or unchangeable factors, such as columns, doors, and other obstructions, when designing an efficient racking system. Arrange your racks in long rows rather than short bursts of activity. Modular racking solutions can help you plan for future growth and scalability.

Key Takeaway:

Racking, storage, and shelving are not inexpensive purchases, so invest in a long-lasting racking system. Once you’ve determined your racking system requirements, you can compare prices and find the best deal.

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