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Privacy Policy

The world of online business not only demands but gives a better experience if specific private information is shared between buyer and seller. We understand the value of privacy; therefore detail a policy that protects it. We will abide by the rules of the policy at all times except where demanded by law.

Industrial Rubber Components promises to keep all private information of users as secure as possible. We promise not to share the same with a third party until and unless we have received consent from the user for the same. The information you provide us might be used to send emails, messages, newsletter, calls, etc. for promotional reasons.

Any links that lead to third parties are not the jurisdiction of Industrial Rubber Component. We advise users to use them at their own risk and caution. We are also not liable for the accuracy of the links or any damage that might occur to a user because of them.

Terms Of Use

The information and data given in this website are disseminated with care. But we do not claim it to be entirely accurate at all times. The information is subject to change in future, but we are not liable to show the difference on the website, immediately. To our knowledge, the information we provide is meant to give you an idea of the quality of the product and help you make a fundamental decision.

By reading these terms of use or by continuing the use of the website you accept the terms and privacy policy.