We are Here…

Industrial Rubber Components is a front runner of all the rubber companies in India. Our products are considered as the benchmark in Maharashtra, India. With excellence in quality and superior quality through the use of best in class technology, we have become a name known far & wide in the state. Established by exemplary leaders, over the years we have grown more than just a rubber company in India.  We have become a workforce that provides solutions in an inspirational, stunning and innovative way.

We achieved this status by continuously improving, consistent hard work and untold creativity. Today, our rubber products are not only conceptually exciting but also have a visual appeal that is second to none. At Industrial Rubber Components, our next step is to use an aggressive strategy to ensure that we become the leading rubber company in India and not just Maharashtra. We aim to carve a niche for ourselves in the market that no other can fill even in the coming century. Our world-class manufacturing plant and highly skilled employees are incessantly steering the company towards this directions.

We aim to be even ahead of the expectation of the industry in the long term. To do so, we have created a product that line that caters to almost every sector. We wish to touch every moment of our customer’s life through our product that can be used in industrial and domestic equipment. From automotive to defence to power generation and even pharmaceutical, the products of Industrial Rubber Components are everywhere.