An Insight Into Indian Rubber Industries

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June 24, 2018
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History Of Rubber Industry And Kerala’s Contribution To The Rubber Industry
November 10, 2018
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The economy in India is growing, and so is the rubber industry in India. India has retained its position as the number one producer of rubber and among the top 3 users of rubber. The rubber production industry was shaky the last few years but not in India. It was able to produce at the rate of 6% every year, and that can be attributed to the FDI and also the automobile industry. With the rubber industry doing very well in the global economy, the employees are also provided with the best environment to work. The pay is good for perks like medical care and ties up with reputed hospitals with EMR Management software which aids in identification from specific businesses.

The production of natural rubber in India is mostly concentrated in South India but is divided into two ones namely the traditional and the nontraditional ones. Tamil Nadu and Kerala provide a major share of rubber check this link to know the importance of it for the state.

Quality key for Indian rubber industry global aims

Market share: The rubber industry in India has seen a boost in export and is on the rise in the last few years. It is earning close to Rs 2000 crores exporting rubber products as per estimates. The products that India exports to other countries are

Sheeting, footwear made of rubber, tires, and tubes for cars, bikes, trucks, belts, hoses, goods for pharma, etc. The production of rubber is mostly done in the form of RSS which is Ribbed Smoked Sheets, and about 6 tonnes of this product is manufactured every year. The turnover from this industry for India is about 12000 crores and the industries that make tires and tubes are the major consumers of it and accounts for about 50% of production. Punjab and Maharashtra are two states that use rubber the most, but the top slot goes to Kerala. India even though produces a lot of natural rubber still has to import it from countries.

Size of the industry: There are close to 30 large, 300 medium and 5600 small capacity units with each of the units producing as many as 35000 products of rubber. These units are also employing about 40000 people with half of them working in the technical departments. Together they contribute about 40 billion Rs to the government of India. The Indian rubber industry is a significant sector which grows natural rubber to the tune of 63000000 tonnes and is capable of producing about 1 million tonnes.

Employment: Though a person who has specialization in this field is sought out, anyone with minimum qualification can expect a good career in this sector. There are various industries where you can look for employment, and a few are listed below

● Aeronautics
● Aviation
● Civil
● Railways
● Textile
● Steel and mining
● Pharma

The employment opportunities are numerous given that the rubber sector is growing at a fast rate and the estimated growth is close to 8% every year. The industry will see tremendous demand and hence there will be a lot of development regarding exports. Moreover, the automobile industry which contributors majorly to rubber industry is growing, and thus there will be more demand for it even locally.


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