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Rubber gaskets are the mechanical type of seals used to avert leaks that occur between various sections of the substrate. In most cases, they are made using metal to make it durable. The metal used in gaskets helps it to withstand the pressures caused by wear and tear. Gaskets can also be made using rubber products. Gaskets like O-rings are often made using silicone or synthetic rubbers. These rubbers are thick enough to withstand any extreme pressure conditions. It can also withstand the wear and tear conditions very well.

Synthetic Rubbers
Various types of synthetic rubbers are used in making rubber gaskets. Different applications have to withstand various environmental conditions. Hence, the synthetic rubbers are designed in such a way that it withstands all adverse weather conditions. In some cases, these rubbers will have to withstand both chilly winters and scorching summers. Whereas, some will be exposed to harsh chemicals that are corrosive. Hence, all these factors are to be accounted while making these rubber gaskets.

Some of the Common Rubber Materials made use to make Rubber Gaskets

Ø Ethylene Propylene(EPR)

EPR is the best option for the hydraulic fluids. These fluids are to be handled with caution as it has extreme corrosive properties and can be very dangerous if it comes in contact with the human skin. Due to its excellent corrosive nature, it can be used for various types applications exposed to acids, gases, fluids and oils.

Ø Buna-N or Nitrile Rubber

This is one is used for all general purposes. It can withstand temperature ranging from minus sixty-five to plus three hundred degrees. It is resistant to wear and won’t get cracked easily. Here are some of the features of nitrile rubber:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Impermeable properties
  • Resistant to fuels, solvents and gases
  • Equally good at extreme hot and cold conditions
  • Nitrile rubber is usually used in construction, automobile and railway industries.

Neoprene - Common Rubber MaterialØ Neoprene

Neoprene is commonly used in lower temperature conditions. It can even be used in conditions as low as -65 degrees. Hence, it is often preferred in air conditioning units and refrigerants used for refrigeration. But the downside is that it contains the presence of lead in the form of components in it. Hence, neoprene has to be handled with care especially when it comes in contact with humans. It can cause many health problems. Here are some of the features of neoprene gaskets :

  • It has great weather and ozone resistance
  • Great resistance to flames
  • Water and sunlight resistance
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Lower compression sets
  • Great mechanical attributes
  • Used mainly in electronic and aerospace industries

Ø Fluorocarbon

The trade name of fluorocarbon is Viton. It can withstand a high range of temperature and hence is a much better option than Buna-N rubber. It can be used in a wide range of applications like gases, oils, acids and fluids.

Ø Silicone

Silicone is the go-to option if you are handling high-temperature applications. The downside is that it has comparatively lesser resistance to extreme conditions of wear and tear. It has less resistance to pressure and movements too.

Ø Polyurethane

This rubber has great resistance to low-temperature conditions. But the heat resistance is lower than rubbers like neoprene. It can be used in extremely cold climates and can even be frozen or chilled. It won’t crack or turn brittle.


The EPDM gaskets are the best option to be used in the water industry. It is best used in insulation works, electrical, sealing and anti-vibration applications. It has great resistance to chemicals and oxygen. The insulation and electrical properties make it stand apart from others. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Great insulation properties against electricity
  • Resistance against sun, oxygen and ozone
  • Excellent resistance to alkali, ketones and acids
  • Ageing and heat resistance
  • Resistant to a range of temperature from -67 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit

It finds usage in various industries:

  • Construction Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) applications
  • Power Industry
  • Architectural applications.

Ø Viton Rubber Gaskets

These gaskets are usually used when there is the presence of explosive gases, harmful chemicals and fuels. It is always better to choose the thinnest material for the application purposes. The parts are usually available in a wide range of tables and bore sizes.

Gaskets are in general used in many industries in many ways. Gaskets can be made of many materials, and rubber isViton Rubber Gasket - Common Rubber Material one of the most popular choices. Among all the above-listed types of rubber gaskets, the most commonly used ones are chloroprene gasket, EPDM gasket and silicone gasket. The choice of gasket varies according to the project and the needs of the project. Hence, just because these three are the most commonly used choices, you can never choose one of them without checking the project conditions and needs. Always ensure that you choose a rubber gasket of the appropriate size and characteristics apt for the project.

A common type of seal used in rubber gaskets is the O-ring seal. It is used in many types of applications. Its main function is to seal together two or maybe even more parts together. It helps to curb leaks caused by compression. The ring is in the shape of a doughnut.

Hence, always make your choice after considering the environmental conditions, applications and usage of the gaskets. Never buy a particular type of rubber gasket just because your friend used it in their company. It doesn’t work that way! Conditions keep varying, and decisions need to be varied according to it. You could also browse the net for more information about rubber gaskets. You could try finding the apt choice by browsing the net and taking the advice of experienced professionals. Professionals and experienced people can always direct you in the right direction and help you make the right choice. Though gaskets are available in various material types, rubber is certainly one of the most preferred material choices.

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