Know About Types Of Gaskets Used In Piping

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Know About Types Of Gaskets Used In Piping

A gasket is mostly used in piping as a sealing material. It is used in between flanges to create a static seal. Thus you can create leakage proof in all operations conditions. There are different types of gaskets that are used as leakage proof and acts as proper sealing. It is vital that you prevent the leak in the flange joint as it can be hazardous. A leak can cause loss of energy and power, and it can also leak some harmful toxic materials. It is essential that you choose the right type of gaskets.

Common Types of Gaskets Used in Piping

Non-Metallic Gaskets

This type of gasket is made up of graphite, Teflon, graphite, PTFE, compressed non-asbestos fiber, etc. This type of gasket is called a soft gasket. It is possible to compress the non-metallic gasket with low tension bolting. Using the gasket in lower temperatures is possible. It is one of the cheapest types of gaskets which is mostly used in various applications.

Metal Gaskets

This is a type of gasket which is manufactured from soft iron, stainless steel, low carbon steel, Inconel and monel. These types of gaskets are also called a ring gasket. Using metal gaskets under high pressure and high temperatures are possible. You have to make use of high tension bolting with metallic gaskets. Metallic gaskets are costly and work on all conditions. The two types of metallic gaskets are oval and octagonal.

Composite Gaskets

This type of gasket is a combination of metallic and non-metallic gaskets, and it is also called as semi-metallic gaskets. Some of the popular composite gaskets are spiral wound, kamprofile, metal jacketed. This type of combination gaskets can be used in pressure and temperature services. It is cheap when compared with other types of gaskets.

Spiral Wound Gasket

This is the typical composite gasket which is used in most of the applications which involve high pressure and temperature. The winding material is made up of graphite and PTFE which is a filling material. The main components of spiral wound gasket are an inner and outer ring, filler material and winding material.

Kammprofile Gasket

This contains solid metal core and metallic groves. This type of gasket is available in large diameters which are easier to handle. It is costlier and works with better blowout resistance.

Metal Jacketed Gasket

It is possible to customize the metal jacketed gasket in various sizes and shapes. It is mostly used in heat exchangers and valves.
The above are the common types of gaskets used in piping.

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