How Is Rubber Used In Your Daily Life?

Significant Uses Of Natural Rubber
Significant Uses Of Natural Rubber
February 25, 2019
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Overview of The Common Types of Gaskets
March 10, 2019
How Is Rubber Used In Your Daily Life?

Rubber is a natural resource which is harvested from the barks of a rubber tree. Rubber is used in various applications and specific industries. You can find the use of rubber in your day to day life in several forms. Rubber products can make your life easier. The properties of rubber make it ideal for the making of several products including rubber bands, shoes, swimming cap, wetsuits, etc. The waterproof quality of rubber makes it a popular component to manufacture a variety of products that are used in your day to day life. The following are some of the rubber used in your daily life.

Importance of Rubber in our Daily Life 


In school days you would have remembered the use of erasers which helps to erase the things written in pencil. You can also make use of rubber bands by wrapping rubber bands together on a tennis ball and use it for erasing pencil marks.

Protects Food

When you have to store cut vegetables or fruits like an apple there are chances that it becomes brown. Thus when you store sliced apples secure it with a rubber band.

Helps In Flow Control

You would have to make use of the pump dispenser along with shampoo bottles, body wash, conditioners, etc. There are chances that a lot of the above stuff would be wasted when using pump dispenser. Thus for controlling the flow of the pump wrap, the rubber band on the pump, and this acts a portion control and only little of the shampoo or body lotion that escapes from the pump.

For Tying Stuff Together

When you wish store stuff that has loose ends you have to tie together with a rubber band. You can tie up electrical cords, ribbons, measuring tape, etc.

Lid Gripper

When you try to open a bottle lid, you would have experienced strain, and this can be avoided by wrapping a rubber band on the lid

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is used in various places like kitchens, animal shelters, gym, etc. The rubber flooring is a slip and water resistant. It is a long-lasting material, and it can be easily maintained.

Paint Drip Preventer

There are chances that your paintbrush drips the excess paint in it. By wrapping the paint can with a bigger rubber, it is possible to prevent the paint drip.


You would have noticed people working in hospitals; chemical laboratories etc. make use of gloves to avoid damage to their hands. They are made up waterproof material like rubber.

The above are some of the common uses rubber in your day to day life.

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