Significant Uses Of Natural Rubber

What To Expect In The Rubber Industry In Future?
What To Expect In The Rubber Industry In Future?
February 10, 2019
How Is Rubber Used In Your Daily Life?
How Is Rubber Used In Your Daily Life?
February 27, 2019
Significant Uses Of Natural Rubber

Rubber is a natural resource which is grown in several parts of the world. You all would be aware of some usual stuff made with rubber-like rubber bands, balls, balloons, etc. Natural rubber is also used in several other applications and various industries. Natural rubber is mainly used in chemical, aerospace, agriculture and other sectors which make it an essential and useful component. The unique properties of rubber make it possible to use for several purposes and in various applications. Customizing natural rubber for multiple applications is possible. The following are some of the common uses of natural rubber.

Some of The Common Uses of Natural Rubber


You all would be aware of the fact that nearly 50% of the automobile tires are made up of natural rubber. The tires used for aircraft are entirely made with natural rubber. There are several other automobile uses of rubber which includes the manufacture of seals, padding, etc.


Latest model cars come with airbags which helps to prevent injury caused due to accidents. These airbags are made up of rubber which reduces the impact of the damage caused when accidents occur.


You would have noticed rubber flooring in several places like gyms, kitchen, playgrounds, etc. which you can make use of so that maintenance is easy. Rubber flooring surface is slip-resistant and waterproof which makes it ideal for elders.


There are items of clothing that are water-resistant and expandable which can be used as sports activities. You can purchase wetsuits and cycling shorts that are made up of rubber.


Rubber gaskets made up of natural rubber are used in various machinery. It is mainly used in between two or more mechanical parts to prevent leakage. You can find the use of gaskets in various industries.

Rubber Gloves

Gloves are used to take proper care of your hands from damage. These gloves are mainly made up of rubber. It is used in the kitchen, chemical laboratories where there are chances of damage to your hands.


Flotation tubes are used in water parks for floatation which helps people to float in water.


It is possible to erase pencil marks with the help of erasers made up of rubber.

Lining Material

Rubber is used as a lining material which is used to pad bins, mixers, chutes, etc. This is mainly used in industrial purpose. These rubber lining materials are water-resistant and serve as insulators in various applications.
The above information would help people to make use of the natural rubber in various ways.

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