Procedures For Registering A New Rubber Company

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Registering A New Company

Rubber is an essential raw material which is used for the manufacture of various products. The rubber industry has seen steady growth in recent years. People who wish to establish a rubber company must follow specific steps and procedures for the same. Legal experts would guide you in registering your new rubber company.

Guidelines for Starting a Rubber Company in India 

Legal experts at provide information about the procedure to register and start a rubber company of your own in India.

Obtain Direct identification NumberObtain Director Identification Number

When you establish a new company, then you have to employ Directors for the company. It is essential to apply for DIN for each of the directors of the company. This number is used to identify the Directors of the company uniquely. It is compulsory to apply for DIN as per the 2006 amendment. For this, one has to file the DIN-1 form available online. You must register in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and upload the filled form. The fees for the DIN application should be paid. The directors must inform the company when the DIN is generated. This can be done by using the form DIN-2. Now inform about the Directors of your company to the Registrar Of Corporate using the form DIN-3.

Apply for Digital Signature Certificate

This is one of the necessary procedures when registering your new company. An electronic or digital signature is required when submitting the documents for company registration through online mode. This digital signature authenticates the documents and ensures the security for the documents filed electronically. Make sure to obtain a certificate from the list of agencies mentioned by the controller of certificate agencies CCA. Check for the validity of your DSC if you have applied for it earlier.

MCA Portal Registration

The registration process for the new company should be done in the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs site. You must possess a user account in the MCA portal for completing the registration process. Registering in this portal is free.

Apply For Company Registration

This is the final step of registering your rubber company.

The following are some of the essential Forms that you should submit for registering your company.Apply For Company Registration

Form 1A: This is the form to be filled for obtaining a name for your new company.
Form1: This form should be filled for the incorporation of the company. Fill the name of your company, similar to the one that you filled in Form 1A.
Form 18: In this form, you have to mention the address of your company.
Form 32: This is a notice for appointing the Directors, Secretary, and Managers for your new company, and an email would be received after its approval.

Documents To Be Submitted

  • You need to submit a TAN card
  • Submit Your PAN card
  • Registration Documents For Director General Of Foreign Trade
  • Digital Signature Certificate from authorized agencies.

The above are the procedures and formalities to be followed when you’re about to start a new rubber company.

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